Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apple IWatch Run on Full IOS Platform

By on 9:48 PM

The Apple iWatch will not leave iOS users wanting. A new rumor suggests that the Cupertino-based company is hard at work on developing its first generation watch with a full version of its popular mobile device platform.

In the new report it is suggested that Apple is planning to launch the new watch by the end of the year, but only if Apple can tackle the battery problem.

A source tells The Verge that the watch currently gets about two days on a single charge and Apple is shooting for a four to five day charge window. That time frame would make sense since the Pebble, the iWatch’s most likely competitor, currently lasts that long on a single charge.

Moving towards iOS instead of a scaled down OS version as the company did with its Nano product actually makes a lot of sense. First, users will have better cross-platform compatibility and second the company will only have one base-line of code to work with, thus improvements will be streamlined and arrive faster for all of Apple’s mobile OS-based devices.

There is the very real possibility that Apple may release the Apple iWatch, examine user reactions to a full iOS and then modify the OS to better meet the real-world needs of users.

The biggest challenge for Apple will likely be determining how to make wearable tech as fluid to use as possible. The entire point of wearable technology is that it integrated without hassle, allowing users to go about their day while always staying connected in simple yet effective ways.

If Apple can find a simple yet effective way to share information between the watch and other Apple devices it could have a winner on its hands. If the company’s flexible screen design is any indication of its ingenuity for the watch we could see the company’s next biggest hit.


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